Best iphone apps graphic design 2012

iPhone is getting very popular because of apps available on it, you name it and the application for that purpose is available. If you are a graphic designer you can use this More »

Best top 10 facebook apps for ipad

With the iPhone’s dominance in the market, Apple released a tablet which changed that specific market forever; it became extremely competitive with several companies trying to take Apple’s market share, but the More »

Top 10 Android Customization Apps

I have reviewed more than a dozen Android-based smartphones, many with setups that make the devices feel completely different. But unlike many competitors, Android apps from the Android Market and other venues More »


Top 5 android music apps 2012


After skipping a month we are back with our popular Top 5 Android App Series. A lot has changed in the first quarter of 2012. Developers still prefer selling their apps in the iOS Store rather than the Android Marketplace.

Cool music apps for blackberry 2012


Having to transfer your movies to your PlayBook before being able to watch them is a bit of a pain, especially when you can’t possibly store your entire movie (or music) library on your device. If I think of a

Best music apps kids ipad


Turn your mobile device into an instrument with these amazing apps. One of the only ways to fit a piano in your pocket. MiniPiano Parents need to know that this music app is a great way to introduce toddlers to

ipad music apps education


DrumJam, a whole new world of serious percussive fun, has been released! Plus it is on 50% sale for a little while so get it now. This is from the same people who brought us the ThumbJam App.I’ve been seeing

Best educational music apps 2012


Make Me Music is the newest app app by developer FeeFiFoFun . Combining free musical play with a wide variety of instruments, toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy creating their own melodies in this beautifully illustrated app. Keys Kids Play HD:

Apple music apps reviews 2012


Winner of the TopTenREVIEWS Silver award, Apple Logic Pro is the best digital audio workstation software (DAW) product for the Mac OS. This audio production software records and edits audio and midi data. You can add high quality effects and

Music apps cell phones 2012 reviews


A music cell phone consolidates two great devices, an attractive cell phone and a definitive portable audio player, into one device. All music cell phones can play MP3s and most work with major music providers like iTunes, Yahoo Music, Sprint

Best ipad stylus for writing 2012


Until Paper for iPad launched, we didn’t know many people who were clamoring for a stylus to use in conjunction with their iPad. And now, the Best Buy around the block from us is sold out of styli, and Amazon’s

Top 10 ipad speaker docks 2012


There are plenty of awesome speaker docks out there for your iPad, iPhone or iPod, but finding one that looks as good as it sounds takes a bit of effort. We’ve done the hard part for you and rounded up

Ipad emulator for android market


If you’re an avid Android user, you’ve probably heard of the vast collection of emulators that are available for the platform: Apps that simulate other platforms, such as Game Boy Advances or Nintendo N64′s. If you use or planned to