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iPhone is getting very popular because of apps available on it, you name it and the application for that purpose is available. If you are a graphic designer you can use this gadget for many purposes as lots of graphic designing applications are available too and that’s what i tried to sort out today.Below is the list of 25 must have iPhone apps for graphic designers.

1. Color Expert
Color Expert is an application guide that includes tools to facilitate the color settings, the process of capture, and a combination of several colors. In addition, this application will also allow you to add color to your wishes, this is must have iPhone app.

2. My Pantone iPhone Apps
My Pantone iPhone Apps are applications that are specifically used to create several color combinations that exist so as to produce a unique color for your liking. This application is used if you do not find the colors found on your iPhone. Existing navigation on this application will allow you to do the color mixing of several kinds of colors available.

3. Cliqcliq
CliqCliq is an application that you can use to set some color features that exist, such as changing colors, and create a combination of several colors into one color.This application will greatly help your application work with CSS, HTML, Flex, Flash, and others. Colors resulting from this application you can convert it into several color formats, such as RGB and CMYK.

4. Camera Bags

Camera Bags serves to set the color produced from the iphone camera. There are several kinds of colors you can choose and then shared to multiple other devices, eg PC, Mac, or online store. In addition, you can also print the image directly with pitchbridge technology.

5. Color Guides
Color guide is one of the color management application that uses with the code.Several kinds of color code that is often used in these applications is RGB and HEX.This application is very suitable to be used as a reference for those who work as a designer.

6. Layers
Layers is a graphics application on the iPhone that can be used to produce unique images by using some existing tools, such as smudge tool, brushes, paint, erase, and several other applications. Such applications are also found on several image processing program such as Photoshop, Image editing, and Image Ready.

Here are 15 free iPhone apps that every designer, artist or creative soul shouldn’t be without – from camera apps to stop motion and animation apps, to apps that help you create custom color palettes – this list truly covers the gamut and are apps that no creative apps arsenal should be without.Read on for a comprehensive list of the top 15 must have free iPhone apps.
The Best Free Camera Apps For iPhone
Currently, there are a lot of great iPhone apps for photos, both for taking photos in-app as well as post editing.
Some iPhone photo apps allow you to apply filters and affects, allowing you to create a vintage look, add vignette shadows, create a sepia toned or black and white photo, etc. Others allow you to fix problems like red-eye, overexposure or underexposure. Others still let you add silly clip art like mustaches, santa hats and bunny ears.Given the popularity of photo apps, I’ve listed several of the best free camera apps for iPhone below. These are iPhone apps for photos that I’ve found to be the best, based on how many quality features they offer, whether or not the free version lets you edit existing photo’s and the quality of the results.

1. Instagram
Instagram gets my top vote and is currently my favorite iPhone photo editing app. Instagram offers a wide variety of filters you can apply to your photo’s. This completely free (like all I mention here) iPhone photo edit app lets you edit and apply effects to photo’s from your phone photo album or take pictures from within the app. It allows you to quickly scroll through and apply different filters and see what the photo looks like in real-time without the longer lag that other photo edit apps sometimes take to apply an effect. It’s easy to share directly to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare and Posterous with the in-app sharing features.But what really makes Instagram a top-notch free app is the excellent quality of the filters and the platform’s own social network.The filters, in addition the the app itself, are well-designed to transform even the most boring of snapshots into gorgeous photos.Instagram app also offers it’s own integrated photo-sharing social network where you can share your photos, comment, follow others and others can follow you, similar to Twitter. Because of this unique model, Instagram has soared in popularity and was recently named Top App of the Year by Apple.Below are some examples of photos I edited in Instagram

2. Retro Camera
Retro Camera is similar in that it applies an overall effect to your pictures. However Retro Camera’s interface is slightly different. To choose the effect you would like for your picture, you first select from one of six available cameras, (Barbl, Little Orange Box, Xolaroid 2000, Pinhole Camera, Fudge Can and Hipsteroku), and then take the picture.The camera options each offer their own effect based on the effects that the actual camera they are named after were known for. For example, the Holga camera, one of the Retro Camera app’s options, applies an effect to pictures reminiscent of an actual Holga camera.(In case your not familiar with the Holga camera, it was created in the early 1980′s in China as a cheap, inexpensive camera option. It quickly became popular in the U.S. because of the surrealistic quality of it’s photo’s, due to the light leaks and vignette effects created from the inexpensive meniscus lens).The Retro Camera app for iPhone also offers an endearing way of displaying the photographs you’ve taken within the app, by showing them as actual “photographs” clipped to a wire, dark-room style.

3. CamWow
CamWow – what can I say, this free iPhone camera app is pure fun! While it may not produce the same “upscale” effects that apps like Instagram creates, it does offer a wide variety of effects, including more surreal and trippy filters and effects like night vision, thermal, pop art and x-ray in addition to distortion effects like mirror, bulge, stretch and squeeze. And you can apply the filters real-time.

I’m ashamed to admit how many pictures I took of myself when I first downloaded this app. Alone and sitting on the couch, using the distortion filters and forward facing camera, I created a slew of ridiculous photos of myself, just for laughs. I’d be mortified if anyone ever found my phone and quickly realized I was some poor lonely soul taking silly pictures of herself. Thankfully, there’s lots of similar pictures of my kids, our dog and random household items that my kids have photographed. So, of course I’d just blame them.The CamWow app will keep kids (or easily amused adults like myself) entertained for HOURS. But you might consider figuring out how to disable the “Share to Facebook” feature, should your kids decide to upload a “fat head” photo of you to your Facebook profile

4. Postagram
Postagram is a wonderfully simple, yet ingenious concept – take one of your gorgeous (or silly) photo’s, created from one of the above free iPhone apps (or any photo for that matter), and create a real, honest-to-goodness postcard and have it snail-mailed to the lucky recipient of your choice for just 99 cents! You can select someone right from your phone’s contact list and even send a single postcard to more than one person.
What a great way to say hello to an old friend or share a great iPhone photo with an off-the-grid Grandma! I mean, really, who even gets real snail-mail these days!The Postagram postcard photo’s are high quality 300 dpi photo’s printed on a simple, classy, sharp-looking black postcard layout, and best of all, the postcards are designed so that the photo image easily pops out, ready for a fridge or frame.

Adobe Photoshop Express
5. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is in most ways, another photo editing app. However, it’s editing features are a bit more broken down into simple edit steps, like crop, rotate or adjust color, which differs from apps like Instagram and Retro Camera, which apply pre-designed filter for an overall effect.
The Adobe Photoshop Express can thus be handy if you’re looking to make a specific adjustment to your photo, like add a vignette shadow or turn your photo into a sketch.

More importantly, if you use a account to share online photo’s, then this is meant to be it’s companion app, giving you access to your collection on the go.
Free Photo Sharing and Storage Apps for iPhone

6. Photobucket
Photobucket for iPhone lets you peruse other people’s recently uploaded public Photobucket photo’s and upload, download, share move or copy your own photos to your Photobucket account.

In addition this app provides easy access to your photo’s url’s in case you want to link to them online, such as in a Squidoo lens, like I’ve done on this lens! An easy-to-use interface, easy album management and an option to select and upload multiple photos at once qualifies the Photobucket as one of the must have free iPhone apps.

7. Flickr

Flickr I personally have found Flickr and Photobucket each offer their own unique features.

Flickr has an extensive user community of photographers, artists and creatives making it an invaluable resource for inspiration and trend following. In addition, the Flickr Creative Commons is a great resource for bloggers and others who write online, (including us Squidoo-ers!), looking for great photos we can use with our articles. Flickr also seems to be more popular among my friends and family, so I’ve chosen Flickr to store my personal photo’s of friends and family, in addition to my photography, because it makes it easier to share them.

I’ve found Photobucket to be more conducive to hosting photo’s online that I will need to link to, whether as part of a blog post or Squidoo article, Facebook comment, etc. Photobucket makes it very easy for me to grab various types of link code to any of my photo’s for use online. In addition they make it easy to resize and edit my photo’s.

The Photobucket app, for example, was very useful in this article. I wanted to add some before and after sample photo’s for the Photo editing apps. The Photobucket app allowed me to upload the photo’s from my iPhone. And although Photobucket makes it easy to grab code snippet of your photo’s from within the app, I will admit I did some tinkering from my Macbook before posting them here – because I found the original size to be too big and I wanted to minimize my Squidoo lens loading time, I edited each photo (via Photobucket website) to a smaller, preset size, saved it as a copy, then grabbed the html link. All of which was very quick and easy thanks to Photobucket’s interface.It’s possible to also do this from within the app, however I happened to also be on my Macbook and found it easier to do it there. But thanks to my Photobucket app, the moment I uploaded my photo’s via the app they were available also in my online Photobucket account!

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