7 sizzling new Android apps of the week November 2012


The Google Play Store is bubbling and oozing with applications. Applications for games, productivity, videos, music, and all you are able think about are available around the Google Play Store. These days, 100s of recent applications come in Google’s toy box, waiting for use in your Android device. Because of the continual support of application designers, we are able to enjoy lots of applications on our Android mobile phone models.To create your research simpler, we scouted the huge sea of applications and by hand selected the most popular new applications in the Google Play Store. Within this publish, we focus the spotlights around the new Android applications freshly launched now, with the expectation that might be them as intriguing andOror helpful around we all do.Key in Google’s playground and revel in these new applications for that week.


Would you like reading through manga comics? How can you like making your personal comics if you take pictures of the surroundings and instantly turning them into manga? With SODA, Corporation.’s MANGA FU CAMERA you are able to instantly turn your surroundings into manga. Just compact digital at the buddies, toys, and anything around watching because the application instantly turns it into manga. If you have put together enough photos, you should use individuals to create your personal manga comics. Obtain the advertisements-supported MANGA FU CAMERA free of charge in the Google Play Store.

Wake N Shake Noisy Alarms
Would you sleep just like a log and also have a difficult time getting out of bed every day? You need to most likely make use of the Wake N Shake Alarm Clock by Andres Canella to wake you up. Case much like your regular noisy alarms, but rather than pressing the Stop button to get rid of the alarm, you will have to shake your phone before the bar gauge fills up to be able to steer clear of the alarm. For additional challenge, you are able to set the trembling intensity and shake your phone like there is no tomorrow. Awaken and do your everyday phone trembling exercise with Wake N Shake Alarm Clock for any dollar in the Google Play Store.

Lengthy Exposure Camera

Utilizing A&A’s Dream’s Long Exposure Camera, you are able to take gorgeous lengthy exposure shots together with your Android device. Tap to pay attention to your object, set the preferred quantity of seconds, striking the Shutter button. Once time expires, you are able to apply some color, brightness, and contrast tweaks before you decide to finally hit Save. The app’s free version enables you to definitely save only 400&times300 images, however the compensated version enables you 960&times720 images. Begin taking lengthy exposure shots with Long Exposure Camera. For the best results, be sure to mount your Android device on the tripod.

Due dates Indication

With how hectic our way of life could possibly get, the very best indication applications would be the easiest ones. Due dates Indication, produced by Tatkov Lab, is simply by it may get. Tap the + button to include an activity, set the date it’s due, watching as the tasks, from most urgent to least urgent are color-coded for you personally: red-colored for urgent tasks requiring completion in three days, orange for seven days, and eco-friendly for non-urgent. You are able to set the application to help remind you of the tasks a couple of times each day. Due dates Indication runs like a background service and relaunches with every device reboot. Always remember individuals due dates. Download Due dates Indication free of charge in the Google Play Store.

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