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How you can Access Shared Windows Folders On Android Over Wi-fi compatability

While speaking concerning the AirDroid for Android yesterday, we talked about the best way to make use of the application to handle your phone’s data and files out of your PC utilizing a Wi-fi compatability connection. But what if you would like it another way? Let’s say you desired to access a folder in your Windows PC in your phone and edit the files contained in it?


Obviously utilizing an online backup tool is definitely an option but you will possibly not wish to place a folder there just due to the objective of discussing in your phone. You need to have the ability to access it directly through Wi-fi compatability, right?

All of you most likely learn about file discussing in Windows and just how you can use it to operate on files located on different computer systems utilizing a network connection (LAN or Wi-fi compatability). Today we will have to make use of exactly the same principle of file discussing and access files shared in your Windows PC in your Android.

Allow me to first demonstrate the best way to share a specific folder on Windows. Therefore we will proceed to the Android area of the process.
Discussing folders on Windows 7

Step One: Right-click the folder you need to share in your Windows and then click Qualities to spread out the folder qualities. Visit the Discussing tab and then click the proportion button to spread out the File Discussing window.


Step Two: Around the File Discussing window, you’ll be requested to go in the title from the group you need to share the folder with. Write Everybody and then click the Add button. You might give Read or Read/Write permission towards the share access based on your requirements. When you are done, click the Share button.

file discussing

Step Three: You can now go for two kinds of discussing, either password protected or open. If you’re on the secure home network, I would suggest you opt for outdoors file discussing because it makes things a little simpler. But when you are well on a Wi-fi compatability network, you have to choose the password protected discussing.

To alter these configurations, navigate to manage Panel &mdash> Network and Discussing Center. Here click the link Change advanced configurations around the left hands sidebar to spread out Advance discussing configurations. Scroll lower towards the finish from the page to obtain the Password protected discussing option, select a password and save the configurations.

change advance configurations

password protection

Awesome Tip: To determine list of all of the folders you’ve shared on your pc, right click the Computer icon within the start menu and then click Manage. Getting done that, click the Shared Folders&mdash>Shares to list out all of the folders shared on your pc.

computer management

You might share a variety of folders you need to access in your Android. S

To ensure that was all we would have liked around the Windows side from the equation. Now let’s configure configurations around the Android.
Being able to access Shared Folders on Android

Step One: Install ES File Explorer in your Android device. This is an amazing and probably the most acclaimed file managers for Android. It creates all of the products running on Android version 1.6 and above. Among the options that come with ES File Explorer is it enables you to definitely access your house PC on Wi-fi compatability via Server Message Block (SMB).

Step Two: After you have downloaded the application, launch it. The house screen displays all of the files and folders which are in your Sdcard. Swipe your finger left on screen to maneuver to visit the to the LAN share screen. Also make certain both your pc as well as your Android phones are attached to the same network.

ES File Explorer for Android 1

Step Three: Touch the button New on top bar to include a brand new server (your pc within this situation).

ES File Explorer (2)ES File Explorer (1)

Step Four: Here leave the Domain area empty and do among the following tasks based upon your discussing security.

a) For those who have elected for non-password protected discussing, go into the Ip of the computer (make use of the command ipconfig around the command prompt of the computer to understand your IP) and appearance the anonymous option. Provide your server an alias to recognize if (it’s helpful when you’re while using application to access shared folders on different computer) and press the OK button to include the server.

ES File Explorer for Androides file explorer

b) For individuals who’ve enabled the password protected discussing option, don’t look into the anonymous option, rather supply the password you utilize to login to Windows and add some server.

2012-04-20_14-37-22ES File Explorer for Android

ES File Explorer for Android

That’s all, now you can search through all of the files and folders which are shared on the pc in your Android. It gets better, based upon the kind of discussing rights you’ve granted on Windows, that you can do tasks for example:

Viewing images and streaming live video. Though previously, we’ve covered a devoted application with this, I favor ES File Explorer now since it is ad-free and smooth.
Open and edit text files, documents and save the alterations directly without installing the files in your phone.
Copy personal files out of your computer for your phone easily. You may also modify and remove the files on your pc out of your Android.
You will see the majority of the files in your Android provided you’ve got a supported viewer for that specific file type.
For those who have write access towards the shared folder on Windows, you are able to copy files and folders from Android to computer too.

My Verdict

This selection of ES File Explorer makes me fall deeply in love with it. Now I’m able to focus on my computer while roaming in the home or while getting coffee around the balcony&hellip I simply require the phone. So give it a try and mobilize your projects.

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