Adroit literary journal


The Adroit Journal 44

The Adroit Journal continues to be the topic of Editor-in-Chief Peter LaBerge’s napkin writing since November 2010, as he made the decision the world needed a literary magazine run entirely by senior high school and university students that recognized work from everybody, at all ages, anywhere. Thus, The Adroit Journal, vibrant with enthusiasm, was created. In August 2011, LaBerge made the decision to grow the journal’s one-guy staff to some team of committed students that he analyzed poetry and fiction in a recent writing program. Soon, this spontaneous amalgamation of teens begun into an accumulation of the best senior high school or college-aged authors from around the globe. From Boston to Bangalore, La to Henley-on-Thames, and Vermont to Hawaii, our staff has truly accomplished the &ldquoglobality&rdquo that people feel is essential to fairly and effectively evaluate all distribution-no matter content, or origin of author.

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