Advanced battery ipad


FINALLY an app that successfully monitors current battery level and have the option to show the remaining time in different modes.
Graphs that monitor charging levels (viewed by hour, day, month)
Changeable batteries (to your liking, of course)
EDITABLE battery level
TIPS for saving precious battery life (make it last longer)
Appropriate amount of battery life consumed with whatever you decide to do on your iPhone
Charge lasts a lot longer, less future charging time

Portable power solution for on-the-go Apple devices like the iPhone, iPod, and even the power-hungry iPad
High-density, high-output battery charges at speeds of up to 2 amps–up to 4 times faster than traditional USB batteries
Integrated stand-by switch ensures there?s no drainage to the Powerstation’s battery while it’s not in use
Check the fuel tank with the 6 LED charge status indicator
Built-in short circuit, overcharge and temperature protection; backed by 1-year limited warranty
By improving the conversion efficiency, the Juice Pack Powerstation was designed to get more power to your device. On top of that, pass-through charging enables users to simultaneously charge their device while also charging the Powerstation when using a 2.1 amps iPad charger adapter. Lastly, the Powerstation’s compact form factor makes it easy to bring along while traveling and the two-tone metallic silver & black soft-touch finish slides smoothly in any pocket or purse.The Juice Pack Powerstation was designed with simplicity in mind. Use your current USB charging cable with the Powerstation and connect your device to get your battery back up to 100%. Disconnect and repeat when necessary. The Powerstation is able to fully charge an iPhone about 3 times before it needs to be recharged itself. To ensure you get the most out of your Powerstation, an integrated standby switch allows you to keep the power until you really need it. To top it off, the six LED status indicators let you know how much power is left in the Juice Pack Powerstation’s battery. The LEDs also keep you updated on charging status when it’s plugged in and disappear when not in useThis is the third battery pack I bought for powering Apple products in the last couple of years.
I have had a Kensington and a New Trent product, both would work for the iphone and the iPod touch, but will not charge the iPad…
well… not very well.The juice pack actually works! It has a claimed output of 2.1A and will charge the iPad rather quickly.
It needs a special charger cord, which could be a bummer if it is lost or forgotten.Recharging takes quite a while, depending on the Charger used. Even the iPhone charger will work on it, but the Kensington or the iPad charger works better.In any case, it took quite a while to get it recharged back to 6 LEDs!At a rating of 3600 mAH I am not sure how much extra “power” it provides for the IPAD.It seems to be able to provide a partial recharge for the iPad from empty. Starting with a full charge (6LEDs) on the battery and a dead (red zone) iPad, it recharged the iPad back to 53% before all the LEDs went out.

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