Alchemie fr android lsungen


This is a complete help guide to the all the 380+ possible combinations up to now for that popular brain ^ puzzle game for the Android smartphone: Alchemy produced by Andrey ‘ZED’ Zaikin.

The goal of the overall game is straightforward yet highly addicting, you commence with the 4 fundamental elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. You’ll be able to drag and drop the weather onto one another to produce other &ldquoelements&rdquo. For instance mixing ‘air’ and ‘air’ provides you with ‘wind’.

The combinations possess a great humor for them while you progress with the overall game, here are a few good examples:
‘beatle’ + ‘beatle’ = ‘The Beatles’
‘chicken’ +’egg’ = ‘dilemma’
‘man’ + ‘vicodin’ = ‘House MD’

This is actually the listing of all 380+ element combinations available to date for that Alchemy Android game from a to z, new combinations appear to become added frequently right now, so please to publish a comment for those who have found a mixture not within our list:

Base Elements

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