All android apps crashing 2012


The more we come to depend on mobile apps for taking care of business, the greater the need for reliability. Alas, many a user has seen many an app crash. Worst still, Murphy’s Law usually sees to it that the timing is never good.One solution is to test performance beforehand. SOASTA is just one of several services available for developers to test their apps under real-world and simulated conditions.“Delivering performance through mobile applications is more challenging than anything else [for IT] in the last 30 years, because of all the different pieces,” says Tom Lounibos SOASTA president and CEO.It’s all those different pieces that can cause problems for consumers — and problems for consumers translate into problems for developers in terms of lost sales and missed opportunities.Of course, when apps crash, it’s not always the developer who is at fault, as the recent DRM problems that plagued iTunes App Store purchases earlier this month showed.Lounibos notes, “There are billions of potential points of failure in this environment, which leads to the anxiety of developers and all of us in this mobile rat race.”Using the company’s automated testing platform CloudTest Mobile, SOASTA has identified what they say are the ten most common reasons apps fail (in no particular order).Recently. As in just today nearly all of my apps crash with no error report or freeze. I recently moved a bunch of apps to SD an deleted cpumaster. I’m running cm7, its one version old could that be my problem? Even the browser is crashing, lookout didn’t find any spy/malware or viruses. I’m a little perplexed. Should I just download the update and a new gapps and hope that fixes it?

1. Demand Exceeds Supply

It’s a classic case of the dangers of success — the fact that millions of consumers can simultaneously discover your app at the same time.

2. Incorrect Memory and CPU Usage

Made more challenging by the vast array of different devices that can run apps. As Dave Murphy, SOASTA’s Senior VP of Delivery puts it, “You can’t just test on a 64-gig third generation iPad and expect that to work [like] an 8 gig first generation iPhone.”

3. Bandwidth Constraints

Whether it’s inadequate bandwidth, or overly large data payloads, the pipe matters. Especially since mobile users expect quick response times.

4. Network Changes
Switching from cellular networks to WiFi and back can cause lost connections, which affects app stability. Murphy notes, “It’s not necessarily a problem ‘solved’ by the OS, so it is something that the developers need to account for.”

5. Fatal Bugs in Production
This can often come into play when a new feature is introduced that may have an impact on another part of the application.

6. Poor Front-End Optimization
Even for local apps that don’t talk to a back-end server, using resources effectively is key. Image compression and other strategies can help, but devs need to be mindful of the relationship between what’s happening on-screen and what the devices are capable of handling.

7. Integration Dependencies

How all of the back-end systems come together to deliver content to the user can have a tremendous effect on app usability.

8. Database Contention
Bad queries and excessive sessions can quickly drag down performance. Murphy cautions, “If you haven’t properly optimized and indexed your database, the database is going to perform poorly. But from the user’s perspective, all they know is that the application isn’t responding.”

9. Browser Incompatibility
Browser problems aren’t just a desktop phenomenon. According to SOASTA, Apple’s done a good job of building a “walled garden” with the mobile version of Safari, but app interactions with Chrome and other third-party browsers often don’t get tested, particularly on iOS.

10. Device Incompatibility
It’s impossible to test on every Android device, and even iOS has a fair amount of fragmentation. As Murphy puts it “something that runs on an iPod touch all the way [up] to an iPad — you’ll start to see some differences [in performance].”

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