Android 4.2 Gmail download links pulled


A few days ago we told you that the new Gmail app – that’s going to reportedly be available in Google’s Android 4.2 version once the new Nexus 4 smartphone is launched – has been leaked and was available to install right away.

We even showed you how to do it, although we will remind you that there’s a difference between showing you how to pull off such actions and actually advising you to follow our lead. We’d never encourage you to install any unofficial software on your Android devices – that’s your decision to make, and you’ll be the only one responsible for whatever outcome.

As for Google, it looks like the company isn’t too happy with the fact that Gmail for Android 4.2 has been leaked and it’s already available in the wild. In fact, it looks like the Search giant has asked Android Police, the online publication that put up Gmail 4.2 download links in the first place to remove them. Here’s what Android Police wrote on its Google+ page:and we have complied with their request.It’s understandable why Google would want to keep as many Android 4.2 details hidden before the upcoming media event, and the new Gmail app is definitely no exception. Too bad they were not able to better keep the LG Nexus 4 secret. Or did they actively leak it right alongside LG?

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