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AirPlay mirroring hands-on: Free Hulu in your Apple TV

CNET requires a hands-on take a look at AirPlay mirroring, the Apple TV’s new killer feature.

Apple’s Mountain Lion operating-system comes complete with enhancements, but home entertainment fanatics happen to be with patience awaiting one of the things particularly: AirPlay mirroring.

That is because AirPlay mirroring solves the issue I am most frequently requested: how do you stream any Web video from the laptop straight to your TV, easily? By having an Apple TV along with a Mac running Mountain Lion that supports AirPlay mirroring (check Apple’s How do people find out if your Mac works with), anything you can observe in your computer’s screen — including Expensive video and free Hulu content — you are able to stream for your TV.

How easy could it be?
The fundamental procedure for getting AirPlay mirroring working is straightforward. After you have an Apple TV and Mountain Lion-outfitted Mac on a single network, an AirPlay icon displays at the very top menu bar. Switch on AirPlay mirroring as well as your desktop is going to be shown on your TV — there you have it.

The AirPlay icon instantly shows if the Apple TV is detected.

You might encounter some eccentricities, with respect to the configurations in your laptop as well as your TV. Within my first tell you, audio would only bet additional numbers through my laptop, and so i had get into System Preferences, then Seem, and hang the output towards the Apple TV. (Apparently this has not been the situation for everybody.)

In addition, to obtain videos to show full-screen on my small TV without black bars, I needed to tweak a couple of configurations. Within the AirPlay configurations, “Match Desktop Size To” ought to be set to Apple TV. As well as in Display preferences, choose “Perfect for AirPlay” and uncheck this area that states “Overscan correction.” Which should provide you with proper full-screen playback, if you are using “pixel-by-pixel” or “screen fit” mode in your TV.

So what can I watch?
Rapid response is anything you can view on your pc. The greater pertinent real question is what’s worth watching. There is no use streaming content that’s already on the Apple TV, for example Netflix and Major league baseball.TV, since individuals services are simple to use without playing having a separate computer.

Many systems offer free streaming for full instances of their Television shows.
(Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)

Hulu’s free submissions are a significant draw, along with the full-episode content that lots of major systems provide by themselves Internet sites. And Cinemax Go customers will ultimately have the ability to watch their content with the Apple TV via AirPlay mirroring.

So how exactly does it look?
Of course, performance will probably be heavily determined by both your broadband connection as well as your home network. Within our lab conditions, video performance was good, although it’s heavily determined by the origin. Free content from Hulu looked very good in the greatest-quality configurations, as the first episode of “Breaking Bad” on AMC looked substantially worse.

The huge most of content falls underneath the umbrella of “watchable” it is not as good as HD Netflix content and there is certainly eye chocolate, but it is not too bad you won’t want to watch. Lackluster source quality is not AirPlay mirroring’s fault, but be advised that does not all Content looks great inflated in your TV.

So what is the large deal?
AirPlay mirroring is not the very first fix for your problem, but it is the very best I have seen. Veebeam and Apple Wireless Display attempted to complete exactly the same factor, however they each had their very own group of problems: difficult setup, limited adoption, and pricey add-ons. Even though you are able to already do that with any laptop as well as an High-definition multimedia interface cable running your TV, AirPlay’s wireless implementation is a far greater experience.

AirPlay screen mirroring has additionally been on more recent apple iphones and iPads for a while, quite a few the very best applications (for example Cinemax Go) have blocked video streaming. And individuals iOS products don’t support Expensive video. Around the Mac, each of individuals limitations disappear.

I’m going to be investing additional time with AirPlay mirroring within the next couple of days and upgrading CNET’s Apple TV review, but my impression is the fact that AirPlay mirroring is yet another killer feature for anybody committed to Apple’s ecosystem. And it is prone to become probably the most important tools for cord-blades searching to ditch cable in support of free content on the internet.

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