Android Apk Game Apps-Flick Golf! v 1.3


Flick Golf! v 1.3-Android Apk Game Applications.Popular android sports from the play marketplace is Flick Golf! Apk v 1.3 mobile game is perfect for any age people. This sports game is greatly addictive game for that gamer. Its three dimensional gaming atmosphere can give the participant an ideal entertainment in gaming. The android user could possibly get the outdoors golf play within their mobile phone.

Flick Golf! Apk v 1.3 Latest version apk particulars:

Game title : Flick Golf! Apk v 1.3
Category: Sporting activities
Developer company: Full Body fat
Apk Size: 23M
Play. Google cost: $1.08 and below links free of charge download.
Suggested device: 2.1 or more
Recent up-to-date: May 21, 2012

Explanation on Flick Golf! Apk v 1.3:

Since We have added our trademark spin control, produced the most amazing hole-in-one courses around along with what you’ve is easily the most addictive Golf game ever! It isn’t that simple, just crazily addictive.

Flick Golf! Apk v 1.3 Top features:

You might Attempt to shoot an ideal score in Quickshot mode.
Play World Tour, in the USA’s West Coast to Japan within the China.
Different wind in the least heavy breeze, to complete gales!
Incredibly accurate in-flight spin control.
Stunningly realized three dimensional conditions.

Previous User rating and review:

&ldquoI such as the fun twist on golf this game is applicable. Regular golf games aren’t enjoyable whenever your precision is dependent on one swipe of the Small screen. This game fixes that by permitting you to definitely anxiously tweak the balls motion once you shoot. Sounds gimmicky but it is fun, but still can be difficult!&rdquo is self motivated message as &ldquoFun game, good graphics&rdquo in the an earlier user Jeremy – May 23, 2012 – Samsung Universe Note with version 1.3 apk sports game can be obtained above download free web addresses.

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