Android App 77 Full Review


7×7 is an easy yet hugely habit forming and daunting puzzle game for Android. Produce lines of 4 colored squares to remove them, stop the grid from packing and gather points as you advance through the degrees. Lines could be made vertically, flat and diagonally. If you delight in basic puzzlers, this is absolutely a game to try.

7×7 is a game that happens on a simple 7×7 grid. To play, you just drag colored squares around the board to connect four or even more into a row. These squares then vanish. With each non-scoring effort, brand-new squares are added, so you need to keep the grid as certain as you can. The game is extremely easy to actually play- yet with even more squares included the additional you proceed the more challenging it ends up being. This eventually means that even level 2 is very tough, maybe too challenging.

I typically require to these kind of computer games like a fish to water, and with 7×7 it was no different. When I didn’t fly with the early degrees I began to wonder if I had missed out on something- a trick, a strategy or a strategy that I had disregarded to deploy. Nevertheless, no matter how I play the game, it still beats me far quicker compared to it probably should. Strangely, I still locate myself incredibly addicted, also if making it level 3 seems like a gigantic success.

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