Android App A Space Shooter Blitz Review


A Space Shooter Blitz is what happens when a company, in this case Frima Studios, tries to take one of its most well-known games, A Space Shooter for Free, and combine it with the short-burst gameplay of Bejeweled Blitz and other similar “Blitz” titles. This is all about shooting everything in sight to rack up that points multiplier in about a minute’s time. The multiplier drops every time a bullet hits, so caution must be exercised when trouble’s all about, especially with credits to also pick up. This is bullet hell at a hellish pace. At the end of the minute or so (there’s timers that can be picked up), a boss battle begins, where killing it quickly results in even more points. Scores can be uploaded to Facebook, and friends can be competed with.

The concept is a winner. The A Space Shooter formula works wonderfully in short bursts, as having lots of bullets to dodge and enemies to destroy is just great for pick-up-and-play gameplay. I’m surprised no one else thought of this first. The powerup system, along with occasional special battles that can be bought, serve as great replay value incentives. Facebook also serves as a way to integrate cloud saves between different versions of the game, including iOS, Android, and Facebook versions, not to mention across multiple devices.

While I’ve heard of free-to-play being described as like the modern arcade, I didn’t really expect it to be taken so literally by A Space Shooter Blitz. The energy system is literally tokens, and one token is required per game session. While they recharge every day, the only way to keep playing regularly is to keep paying, and while 10 tokens cost $0.99, 30 tokens cost $1.99 and so on, there’s also unlimited-use daily and weekly passes for $6.99 and $12.99 each. It just seems kind of silly to artificially restrict a game like this; Bejeweled Blitz allows for unlimited token-free play, and given that A Space Shooter Blitz is more esoteric in gameplay by comparison, having unlimited replay would help with mastering the game’s mechanics. Considering that there’s already a currency system balanced toward paying to use powerups more often, it seems redundant to have a secondary system.

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