Android App Arrow Mania fun & addictive Review


Arrowhead Frenzy is a cool puzzler that tests your aim, speed and trouble fixing capabilities. You move a rolling crossbow arrowhead pulled by solid magnets to shoot arrowheads to strike targets, planes, balloons, trip systems or dodge lasers plus stay clear of striking angry birds; all to get to the end target in document time. Have just what it takes to handle all of that simultaneously?

In Arrowhead Frenzy you control a rolled crossbow contraption by pulling either left/right highly effective magnetics positioned throughout the degree. Either getting where you want the arrow to shoot distant or backing away like a slingshot in the instructions near the catapult Angry Birds-style will certainly fire arrowheads. You have infinite ammo as well. The goal is to obtain completion of the level in record time collecting all three superstars.

There is a labyrinth to navigate and lots of obstacles en route however. For example there are systems you have to raise degree to pass or ride like an elevator by hitting one or more of the same tinted targets turning them on. Some degrees have targets in challenging locations and call for amusing precision by ping pong bounce arrows or perfect timing to stay away from striking birds or they’ll obtain hella angry (struck one of them two times and they’ll destroy you!) Speaking of damage, there are areas where irksome planes fly in and flop you. You can capture the bombs yet it’s finest to hit the planes 3 times to deliver them down. Various other challenges like protruding drills or laser devices exist also. There lots of success to accumulate and leaderboard scoring is powered by HeyZap to see exactly how you compare to the on-line neighborhood having fun.

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