Android App Blurry Defense Review


Blurry Defense is an appealing and slick-looking tower defense game. You fight oncoming enemies by installing heavyset towers in a fuzzy globe of squares and blobby enemies. It’s charming and features a remarkably catchy music rating. Besides that it is a common defense title; get towers, upgrade towers, battle on various charts, ruin waves of opponents etc. It’s certainly enjoyable and cool to play. I really felt the discovering curve was really steep but it was nice to be really challenged.

Blurry Defense is a by-the-book TD game that’s great for followers of the genre. Controls are familiar and easy to utilize; decide on a square, after that choose a tower by double tapping it. The tower pitches in right away and begins obtaining any neighboring adversaries. Such towers could be updated a couple of times by picking them and clicking on to update. All this expenses in-game money which you gain by obtaining the baddies.

Gameplay after that is common TD fare, you will perhaps have actually played numerous comparable games. Possibly the closest I was advised of was HexDefense- an oldie yet still an impressive game by all accounts. It also has that minimalist vibe however retains some rather orderly graphics. The game was created as component of a 2 week difficulty and, by all accounts, it’s really playable, fun and a little addicting.

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