Android App Boom Brigade 2 Review


Boom Brigade 2 wants to be the perfect combination of weaponry, alien defense, tactics and mayhem. I found it hard to deny it that honor.

For a new title on Android that was preceded by word of mouth of its iOS-exclusive prequel, I thought that it came out of the gate swinging. Literally. The premise is simple. You are defending an outpost in alien territory. Bodies are light, enemies unending… but the weapons… the weapons, dear sir, are in in wonderful abundance. It’s the galactic version of Assault on Precinct 13. The staples are all there: opened ports, an abandoned highway and a guard post.

I found that the whole saga started with the opening of chasm, and, as always occus with opened chasms, bad things want to come in. As noted, I controlled a limited number of well-armed defenders, who have to be moved by sleight of finger to cover the enemy that rolls in from different angles.

BB2 depends on drawing virtual lines as the strategic key, and I found the game fluid off the bat. I also learned to keep an eye out for dropping power-ups that appeared at points during the game. As I progressed, the hordes got ickier and more plentiful, meaning tactics became an important part of my strategy to destroy “hellhounds” and gigantic, slimy worms. Proximity mattered the most, as my guys fired automatically when in range. For the true space explorers, the game boasts six different dangerous species.

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