Android App Brave Guardians Review


Brave Guardians is an immaculately pictured and heroically animated tower protection game arrived an action/fantasy world. Prevent oncoming baddies with using towers and the Guardians, multi-coloured champs that each have different powers. The game has a fantastic knowing curve so it’s really easy to get into, plus it flaunts a 360 diploma camera command meanings you can arc around the action in addition to zooming in and out.

Brave Guardians is a game based in a magical universe where 4 heroes, called Pepo, Tiko, Zagi and Rapu (imagine the Teletubbies were thrown into a RPG), prevent an approaching mob of significantly challenging baddies. The heroes are beautifully animated and each have different abilities to use in battle. The heroes can be utilized at any moment, however their use is secondary to the towers. There’s not a huge selection here, yet towers could be updated and are very effective.

As a matter of fact, everything in the game is apparently upgradeable. The Guardians themselves can be upgraded SIX times, the exact same goes for the towers! So, while there’s in fact only 4 of each, there’s sufficient range and power actually available. There are over 30 various sort of opponents to battle and this consists of wizard baddies and supervisors.

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