Android App BumbleBee Race Review


Bumble Bee Race is a cute obstacle-style race where you lead a bee via oncoming traffic utilizing your Android’s tilt control. Avoid cars, trucks, bikes and other challenges to enhance your rating and complete levels. It’s testing to play, cutely animated and quite interesting. If you take pleasure in accelerometer managed arcade-style games, you’ll like this.

Bumblebee Race is a charming plot where you have to race your bumble via hectic web traffic. You could accumulate up to three stars on each degree you race and each likewise has a collection objective; like traveling at a different rate or accumulating honey. You manage your utilizing the accelerometer. This functions pretty well although you sometimes desire it was a bit a lot more responsive at times.

While gameplay is magnificently straightforward, there are lots of achievements to finish and many degrees. I truly suched as the means daytime adjustments and you need to fly throughout the evening with oncoming fronts lights, hence providing more obstacle. Your could likewise get collision headgears which allow you collision through an auto. This, by all accounts, is very neat and excellent to pull off- be wary though one helmet will last a single collision!

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