Android App Castle Raid 2 Preview


To say the truth, I’ve only played original Castle Raid for a little while, so my experiences with this sequel aren’t really comparable. I’ve seen enough to suggest that the games aren’t wholly different. Castle Raid 2 is just as fun, has a bit better graphics, more units, and a larger campaign – but the gameplay only differs in details. It’s still a hellish time-sinker, regardless of whether you play it with a friend, or against an AI.

Story in Castle Raid spins in a surprising direction from the original. While human armies are fighting against each other, the whole kingdom and nearby lands get overrun by orcs that drive the humans off their own land. This forces the old enemies to band together, and claim their lands back. This means that the blue units are now people, and the red – orcs, both having distinct armies with different looks – although they’re still completely identical in powers, abilities and costs. Honestly, my biggest – and probably, only – peeve with Castle Raid 2 is that I really wanted to see at least two sides with unique units and abilities. That would turn this fine strategy into an amazing one.

Describing Castle Raid 2 in detail requires a substantial amount of writing, so I’ll wrap it up. I didn’t note issues with the game, because frankly, I didn’t have any. Maybe the graphics look a bit simple, and the two sides are identical in properties, but apart from that – it’s an awesome strategy that manages to combine simple, unique rules and easily understandable mechanics with an incredible strategic depth. It contains tons of challenging levels in single-player, each one with three difficulty levels, and with two challenge modes – and when you complete all that, there’s also an ingenious single-device multiplayer. Castle Raid 2 is easily the best mobile strategy I’ve enjoyed playing, in months.

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