Android App Clash of Puppets Review


If you didn’t hate vampires before, despite having lots of reasons to do so already, Clash of Puppets is your chance to start. It’s a pretty classic 3D platformer/hack-n-slash game, similar to any other 3D platformer, all the way to Mario 64. Although there’s a bunch of issues I have with it, it’s mostly an alright game with fine graphics and action. Player has to complete a level, fighting off various enemies, escaped from different monster movies, including the flipping vampires, and in the process – collect as much as he can of the coins, scattered across the level. The player character wields a melee weapon, a bunch of ranged weapons, and traps that he can leave in his wake. I’m not sure why the game is called Clash of Puppets, as I have seen no puppetry involved, although the characters do look like cheap Chinese Anime knock-off toys. Speaking of characters, I found the enemies’ voices extremely irritating, although it could just be me.

Overall, I found Clash of Puppets a consistent, nicely done platformer. Its battle pacing and shooting are a bit flawed, but it’s still a fine game with lots of levels, weapons, and enemies. The vampires still suck, though.

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