Android App Clay Jam Review


Clay Jam is an adorable and innovative “indie-style” game from none other than Zynga! Made by developer Fat Stone, the game has actually been crafted making use of claymation (an area you might be accustomed to if you know the job of Nick Park). In the game you adjust the course of a little ball (also called Fat Stone) as it rolls over beasts and increases in size. At the end of each degree you take on a horrendous Tormenter Monster in a stimulating and genuinely rejuvenating game excellent for touchscreens.

Clay Jam is a wonderfully crafted touchscreen game that is as ingenious as it is charming. You control the road of Fatty tissue Pebble, a ball of clay-based. You have to roll over little monsters, worms and other claymation animals in order to increase your dimension (it’s like a snow ball impact only with clay-based!) At the end of each phase, you fling on your own as difficult as you can at the resulting Bully Beast in a try to thump it as far as you can. Points are rewarded for proximity and the larger you come to be the more the Monster will fly.

You don’t directly control Fat Stone yet rather you attract lines and gullies in the clay-based which he then adheres to. If his road coincides with a beast of some kind he’ll absorb it and grow larger. Each degree is chock loaded with different beasts to catch and the more you capture the better your score will certainly be. Eventually you’ll involve some edged clay-based which blaze a trail to the Bully Creature. Here you have to flick Fatty tissue Stone as powerfully as you can into the Tormenter Beast which after that tosses your man a certain distance, the additional the much better.

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