Android App Comixology Review


There’s thoughts out there when it comes to internet media piracy that it’s a matter of access: if it’s easier to obtain content legitimately than it is to pay for it, then people will be more likely to not pirate it. Comixology may be one of the best examples of that. This service and Android app is designed to make it easy to buy and read the latest issues of comics from publishers both big and small.

Now, I’m hardly a dedicated comic reader – I had a Comixology account for reading some free issues of comics that publishers would put out to promote movies on said series, and the only real comics I buy are the Adventure Time comics (don’t laugh, the show is really good and the comics have a warped sense of humor that’s a great fit with the series). However, this app makes me wish that I actually was, because it makes it so easy to discover new comics and buy issues. The experience is seamless and so convenient. There’s plenty of free content

The app is available on iOS as well, and purchases sync over from device to device. What I did at one point after getting the free $25.00 Google Play credit for buying the Nexus 7 was to buy issues that I wanted. At one point, there was a price drop on the iOS store that wasn’t reflected on the Android store. I notified customer service, and the issue was solved in about an hour. Fantastic.

The Nexus 7 is great for reading comics on it. The vertical resolution appears to be about the size of a single vertical sheet of paper for many comics, and the pixel depth is enough to where a lot of text is clear and legible. In the few cases where it isn’t, double-tapping on a panel will bring it into “Guided View” which will focus on just that one panel.

Pretty much my only complaint with Comixology is that the app could make it easier to find out when new issues of series in my library are availble. Right now, I have to search manually for new issues instead of being able to just tap a button and find out if they’re now available. Some issues are available as “digital firsts” which seems to indicate that Comixology’s library is not complete, but this sounds more like an issue with the publishers, rather than with the service.

Still, as a burgeoning comic aficionado, there’s a lot to love with Comixology. I don’t know how much this app is contributing toward combating piracy, but for me, it sure beats every other alternative.

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