Android App Defense Zone 2 HD Review


Defense Zone 2 HD is a blisteringly made and action-stuffed tower protection ready Android. While the game system basically includes a strong tower-defense model; tactically place towers, with lots of charts, considerably- difficult adversaries, three levels of difficulty, tower upgrades and even air strikes, for me it was about playing such a game with startlingly outlined graphics. Seriously, it resembles playing a TD game utilizing the aerial sight of Google Maps …

Defense Zone 2 HD is a costs tower protection game with music, gameplay and graphics to crave. If you have actually never played a tower protection game (TD) in the past, it’s essentially a war game where you put towers in critical positions on a chart. Opponents will travel over the map and you have to guarantee they do not reach their objective. There are usually a variety of towers which showcase different types of weaponry and the games themselves differ from cutesy balloon appearing Bloons TD 5, menacingly futuristic Guard 3: Homeworld and the tower ‘offense’ game Anomaly Warzone Planet HD.

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