Android App Division Cell Review


Division Cell (from Hyperspace Yard) is the game that was created to cater to the OCD segment that exists in all of us.

Three modes exist: Puzzle Mode, Time Attack and Endless Mode. The general gameplay revolves around restoring “harmony” to a disparate set of shapes. Evenness is a concept that is rewarded, and to do this, taps are used. It’s all about shapes, and making otherwise unequal shapes as symmetrical as possible. The shapes start with basic quadrilaterals and there are dots that signify the ability to shift borders one step in a given direction. Using said taps as the primary method of manipulation, the goal is to adjust the shapes till all are equal.

In Time Attack, the leveled gameplay gets the additional anchor of a countdown timer, and the idea is to solve as many puzzles as possible in the allotted time. Of course, high scores are recorded. Endless mode provides, well, endless fun. This was my favorite… no clocks and varying difficulty.

The game features a colorful background palette, as well as a soft but poppy soundtrack to play against. The visual contrasts are good, and help make the game much easier to engage with.

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