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Lately 12 new levels put into 100 Doorways, a application for Android. We now have the answer for that new levels in 100 Doorways. In the following paragraphs we present the answer and walkthrough from level 21 to 33. 100 Doorways is really a puzzle game where you need to solve lots of challenges to achieve the following room.100 Doorways can be obtained free of charge in the search engines Play Store. You are able to download it HERE.

100 Doorways: Solution and walkthrough – Level 21 to 32
If you do not learn how to solve a door, then request your question within our comments.

100 Doorways: Level Door 21 Solution
In Level 21 you need to touch the pictures in correct order. Each image means animal in the zodiac. Which means you need to consider the zodiac and find the correct order. Alternatively you should check out our screenshot, using the right order of amounts. Just touch them within this order and also the door opens

100 Doorways: Level Door 22 Solution
To spread out the doorways make use of different tools within the right order. First cut the tree using the axe. Then make use of the welding torch and also the welding mask to spread out the metal door. During the last door first make use of the people, then your axe, then your tree and last the automobile (or anything). If you are still stuck take a look at our screenshot, it ought to be useful.

100 Doorways: Level Door 23 Solution
To resolve this level you need to click in the pictures within the right order again. First click in the seafood (lives within the water), second click in the boat (go swimming around the water), third Click in the human, 4th click in the bird, fifth click in the plane and last click in the moon. The door opens. In case your still stuck our screenshot ought to be useful.

00 Doorways: Level 32 walkthrough
In the second column (from left to right), tap the fifth symbol from the top to the lower 3 occasions (it appears as though a stick or something like that). Around the forth column, tap the second symbol once (appears like the rear wing of the plane). Around the first column, tap the next symbol two times (appears like a lizard). Around the third column, tap the final symbol (bottom one) 4 occasions. Door will open.

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