Android App Elements Battle Review


I can not say that I anticipated a lot from Elements Battle. The name has to do with as unimaginative as it gets, the art looked rather however stock and to cover it off it’s freemium, which is a company model that I’ve never been totally comfy with.

As it ends up though Elements Battle is substantially much better compared to I expected. The center game is a great deal like Puzzle Quest. The mass of it is a collection of puzzle struggles on a grid where 3 or even more identical symbols have to be matched each turn. Those symbols represent elemental spells which get fired at an opponent as soon as sufficient of them have actually been matched. The challenger does the very same and the winner is the one with wellness left at the end.

Outside of battles there are some fundamental RPG auto mechanics with pursuits to finish (though they all come down to battles also), degrees to obtain and a store used to buy additional spells and tools.

Struggles require energy level to combat which energy level decreases after every struggle (though it steadily returns up once again as well if the game isn’t bet a while). Spells additionally require restoring regularly and they won’t charge on their own. Both energy level and spells could be gotten utilizing in game money, which in itself could either be gained from completing missions or purchased with genuine money.

New gamblers are offered enough energy and money to play Elements Battle for quite a while. If played a whole lot at some point the freemium side will rear its unsightly head and a point will certainly come where it’s required to either invest real cash or stand by a while to keep playing, however it’s not as thrifty as several freemium games as it gives gamers enough gold and loot for winning struggles and finishing missions that I never seemed like I really had to spend cash to keep going.

Elements Battle manages well, there’s loads of content and there are player versus player fights, though it’s not feasible to interact with other players, so it’s not that much various to fighting the AI.

So far so excellent, however while there’s definitely a great deal of game below it swiftly begins to really feel a bit recurring, as it’s almost all fights and much of the moment it’s necessary to combat the exact same or similar battles a number of times over to grind for missions or graft.

The struggles themselves could possibly be much better too, as there’s a time limit of around 7 seconds each turn, which I didn’t locate was long sufficient to truly think of a strategy. I ‘d have liked to be able to choose which elements to focus on or try and set up chain reactions by making extra suits from symbols that come under the area cleared when a match is made, yet generally there’s no time for that and typically I discovered that I ‘d just have to go for the first suit I could possibly see.

Played in other words brokens Elements Battle is good enjoyable and won’t be as well money famished, but longer play sessions become repeated and boring.

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