Android App Farm Heroes Saga Review


Farm Heroes Saga is a new match-three puzzle from the developers of Candy Crush Saga, where the player needs to collect fruits by matching them together. It’s a lot like other match-threes, only this one is about farming. So… There’s really nothing new or original about it. Not that it’s bad, though! I mean, apart from being absolutely creatively-dead.

The goal in each level of Farm Heroes Saga is to gather a set number of greens by combining them, minimum three at a time. As the player progresses, the requirements become more and more challenging. There is no time limit, only a limit on the number of moves. The player can get up to three stars, but unless he gathers enough crops, the level will be failed. Some of the tasks differ a bit, but the basic rules are always the same. The interesting feature in Farm Heroes Saga is that the crops around the gathered bunch get additional value, and will count as several units. For example, if the player matches three different tiles near the strawberry tile, and then matches it with other strawberries, it will count as four.

Personally, I found Farm Heroes Saga quite enjoyable, despite the annoying sounds that it’s filled with, and the utmost boredom that is its graphic design. The bonus point system is pleasant, and most often, the levels can be passed with one or two tries. It’s not better than all the other match-threes, but it’s no worse than them, either.

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