Android App for Creating Mind Maps


If you are you aren’t large, stellar ideas, your mind’s wheels always appear to become a-turning. Getting a pen and paper handy may have offered you some comfort, and also the pen-and-paper tandem could be helpful when ever you want to scribble lower that fleeting, elusive thought, or when you really need an empty canvas to that will help you jot things lower and obtain organized or, well, when ever you are simply bored and doodling offers some cheap entertainment.
But, how awesome could it be in case your smartphone can perform that for you personally, plus much more? That may be permitted using the Android-based mind-mapping application known as Thinking Space.A great application by itself, Thinking Space’s simplistic and functional interface is essential to offering customers a favorable atmosphere to allow ideas go wild.The application enables you to definitely create visual maps which help you intend, organize,and follow-through on ideas and activities, ensuring you are on the top of all things whilst you are on the run.Making a mind map begins having a single node, which you’ll break lower into further subnodes for this primary node for branching or related ideas. These subnodes may then, consequently, be divided into more subnodes that belongs to them, going much deeper and supplying more particulars for simple organizing and monitoring of ideas.Links, notes, colors, and symbols assist you to highlight important products and organize your material better. The application also enables you to definitely tag the mind maps or sort them into groups or folders. Simply by choosing a tag or category, you are able to instantly mention the nodes with individuals tags or placed directly under individuals groups.You may also create nodes with hyperlinks for your files to ensure that simply by hitting a hyperlinked node, this program will open the file it’s associated with. This selection can be quite handy for connecting to exterior sources for example PDF files, documents, or audio.

The application also offers a choice to cover the notification bar to ensure that you will gain more screen space when using the application.Thinking Space will help you keep physical records for conferences along with other similar occasions. The application syncs effortlessly together with your Dropbox folder and could be saved for your computer within an image format for simple locating. Within the compatibility department, Thinking Space works with third-party desktop Mind Mapping programs like Freemind, Xmind, MindManager, and MindMeister API

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