Android app for disguising caller id


It’s the thing it states plus much more. Yeah your use for your telephone number turning up from case to case you’re calling’s Caller Identification. Or you might block your Caller Identification. But KNOW you could have a variety show on the Caller Identification. It’s that easy. With present day technology you are able to choose any amounts to look. You are able to choose 123-456-7890 or perhaps your close friends number. However the features don’t stop just there. We added among the best voice changers you’ll find. Yeah it isn’t perfect but it is undoubtedly the very best which can be found. And finally you can record the phone call for reasons uknown.

So how exactly does CallerIDFaker work?
Despite the fact that in the beginning it might seem like a great deal it is extremely simple. First of all the phone call isn’t placed with the computer but out of your cell or telephone. Therefore the first factor is under &ldquoMy Telephone Number&rdquo make the quantity of the telephone that you’ll be using to create this call with. It ask’s to set up the amount of the individual you’re calling. Well that’s really quite simple. Then you pick the &ldquoFake Caller Identification.&rdquo Yep. It is simply like this. Choose any 10 numbers and that is what’s going to show on their Caller Identification. Then choose if you should keep the own voice or change it out to seem just like a guy or perhaps a lady. The next thing is selecting if you wish to possess the call recorded and e-mailed. Should you choose just include a valid current email address after the phone call has ended look at your email. Last really are a couple of questions which help our marketing, and appearance from the conditions and terms. In the end that click &ldquoPlace Call.&rdquo You will subsequently be given several to dial that’s not the amount of the individual you’re calling to fake out. The very first factor you’ll hear whenever you dial the dpi is really a short 10 second advertisement. Following the ad has ended we’ll then connect your call. Keep in mind that the phone call will stop after 2 minutes. For those who have a use for CallerIDFaker a lot more than 2 minutes, or even the advertisements drive you nuts, or want a lot of our additional options then you might want to consider buying our Premium Plan.

HiddenCall allows you to definitely turn off or on Caller Identification submission with only a single click.With HiddenCall you might hide your number while calling and also have anonymous calls done affordably.With HiddenCall there’s no lengthy lasting or complicated trying to find configurations any longer!
The machine defaults aren’t transformed through the Widget but every call have a prefix put into it therefore it reflects your latest option for number submission.
PLEASE alter the code for hiding the caller identification within the configurations menu if required!
On Verizon network the block code is *67 and also the transmitting code is *82.

Additional features and amazing functions!
Have a look in a couple of videos to HiddenCall:

* Widget with no more than 5 operating modes:
* Hide Caller Identification for those calls
* Always submit Caller Identification
* Hide Caller Identification for next call only
* Hide Caller Identification for those calls aside from amounts out of your phonebook (Professional Version)
* Show Caller Identification for selected contact groups (Professional Version)

* Widget always shows the chosen operation mode
* you are able to alter the GSM-Code prefix
* Notification for that current status could be setup into notification bar
* Aesthetically impaired individuals with color-blindness can recognize symbols easily
* Admin-UI durch many configurations

If you want to request a brand new feature and have any ideas/wishes don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Just in case you might encounter any bugs please send a mail to before departing an adverse review. I’m going to be glad to repair any bug as soon as possible!

This application isn’t any Spy ware even though it requires extensive permsions. Just in case of doubts you might request the origin code for checking it yourself. The Web permission are only utilized in the disposable version for that advertisement.

Needed permissions:
– FULL Access To The Internet -> you will find couple of ads within the Admin-UI
– INTERCEPT OUTGOING CALLS -> Hiding your caller identification functions by adding a prefix towards the called number
– DIRECTLY CALL Amounts -> Because of an insect in lots of HTC products this permission is needed to abort and re-problem a calls. Just in case this occurs you’ll be informed.
– Read CONTACT DATA -> After your call has finised the called prefix is taken away in the listing of recent calls
– READ PHONE Condition AND IDENTITY -> After your call has finished the called prefix is taken away in the listing of recent calls
– RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED -> restart of HiddenCall following the Smartphone restarted

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