Android App Freeze Review


Freeze! is a cutting-edge physics-based puzzle game where you assist a eyeball around a climatic fantasy globe. The go for each level is to assist your man to a portal. His special ability is the potential to freeze and be immune to gravitation. By rotating the degrees you can carefully steer him towards completion of each stage. If you like games which are independent, original and habit forming as hell, this is most definitely for you.

Freeze! is a sumptuously pictured and deeply heavenly indie puzzle game. It plays rather like Maze (or any of these tilt-controlled labyrinth games) in that you need to assist an item to a gap- whereas in Freeze! you relocate an anonymous eyeball personality towards a retreat gateway. It does vary from this category of games in that there is no tilt control. Instead you rotate the degree itself and the eyeball responds appropriately.

The game is wonderfully easy to play, however extremely tough to finish. Levels rapidly become very hard and could take some determination to complete. There are 25 free of cost degrees to try, which comprises the first world, plus 10 perk degrees if you are willing to rate and examine the app in the Google Play Store. Then you can make in-app purchases of later worlds.

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