Android App Galactic Phantasy Prelude Review


Galactic Phantasy Prelude kicks the space simulation into overdrive by introducing every possible space RPG concept into the gameplay. The fact that it’s free-to-play on Android is somewhat baffling to me, since it’s a completely stand-alone title that wouldn’t look flawed as a paid title on any screen. I don’t mean to say that Galactic Phantasy Prelude is a perfect game, because it’s not, but I enjoyed it to bits.

The story tells of a young rebel with a cause, who is running away from the orphanage with his friend, content on becoming a space pirate. They steal a spaceship and embark on a space journey. This journey is undoubtedly epic and takes them to all sorts of places, but I wouldn’t know, because tutorial mission bugged on me, and I couldn’t complete it, for some reason. The tutorial is the only flaw of this game, as there are no clear objectives, and it’s not even registered in the mission log, so after I went off the rails in some way, I couldn’t get back in – and there’s no option to skip the tutorial. I still could fly around the galaxy and complete the small quests, but the main mission was locked for me. Apart from the strange tutorial, though, Galactic Phantasy Prelude is awesome. It’s a deep, rich in mechanics, and absolutely beautiful space action/RPG.

Galactic Phantasy Prelude consists of three parts: flying around the 2D galaxy mode – going between the planets and picking fights and performing quests, 3D action in enemy encounters, where the player has to lock onto the enemy ships and destroy them, using shields and repairs to not be destroyed himself, and dock menus, where the player buys new ships, parts and crew, and buys or sells various goods. By the way, the player can have a lot more than his own ship, and build an entire armada that would steamroll across any enemy. There is some grinding that you need to do, in order to upgrade your ships, but it doesn’t limit your choices of what to do, so it seldom feels like grinding at all. In my experience, it’s simply an awesome, rich space travel simulator.

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