Android App Get the Nut Review


Get the Nut is an enormously tough yet enjoyable puzzle game where you assist a squirrel accumulate nuts. Avoid baddies and with mice to make your way to the acorn on each degree. Gameplay happens on a grid landscape where you need to meticulously roll your squirrel and various other critters around to make safe passage to your prize. It’s really complicated, in places quite difficult, however a must-try for puzzle fans.

Get The Nut is a logic-based puzzle where you need to very carefully navigate Squirrely to the acorn. Stay away from a host of baddies that will eat you featuring wolves, bears and warthogs as you roll your method to your target. There are computer mice as well which can be withed as bolsters and \* coughing \* sacrifices to the larger animals. While the computer game is adorable, it’s all about survival!

So, deep in the timbers Squirrely is accumulating acorns. You move your man by rolling your man in the direction you desire him to move. He’ll keep rolling up until something quits your man; this may be the acorn itself, a computer mouse, a tree or- if you’re truly unfortunate, a warthog. The forest is organised in to a kind of grid so you have to roll up and down and flat. The computer game ends up being testing when you need to very carefully move Squirrely and the various other animals tactically around the woodland to allow a risk-free path.

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