Android App Ghul Review


Ghul is a futuristic arcade-type thriller that matches hi-res looks with otherworldly challenges. When will we learn that sarcophagi are never, ever good?

This game comes in a glitzy wrapper, with high def splashes of color and rapidly changing environments denoted by suck backgrounds and eye-popping animations. The eye candy is fast and plentiful, alternating blues, greens, reds and everything in-between and beyond. Different circumstances are in gameplay are underlined by visual cues, and it all comes together rather well.

It’s the running course and different type of enemies that define this game. Numerous demons make their presence felt, some stationary and others becoming akin to flying, lethal drones. Dealing with these makes up some challenging play even before the virtual environment is considered.

And the flying area is no bed of roses. It feels like the sprawling underground secret bunker gleaned from the game’s backstory. Sliding doors, sharp turns, metal structures mix precipitously with the shooting enemies to create an environment that tests reflexes. Being hit continually and/or crashing degrades the flying vessel and eventually ends the run.

The game incorporates challenges which can be skipped by using “meeds” (and meeds are purchased with “cellests” which line the running area and collected contact.

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