Android App GoWallet Mobile Review


GoWallet Mobile shops your gift cards in one hassle-free application. At its complete capacity- you can obtain automated harmony updates, retrieve cards at retailers by scanning the phone, and even purchase or deliver cards to Facebook pals. Is this the utmost present card app to make you ditch all those physical cards? Learn in the app evaluation.

GoWallet Mobile aims to be the all-in-one destination for your bodily gift cards. Though like many gift card applications on Google Play it fails at bulk being compatible with various sellers. This is not necessarily the app’s mistake yet it fails at the overall guarantee to totally ditch bodily cards and count solely on the phone app. Below better discusses the benefits and downfalls …

First you can establish a pin code password to protect accessing the app’s information. When it functions as expected you could get in a gift card number and associated pin and the app automatically retrieves equilibrium, deal past, quick accessibility to the issuer/retailers customer care number and more info. When you go to use it you could bring up a virtual card for cashiers to browse and redeem like the physical card. There is a manager within the app for browsing and sorting cards if they develop. Furthermore, you could see bargains and send/receive gifts within the app, however, this attribute was not readily available for Android at the time of review.

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