Android App International Boxing Champions Review


International Boxing Champions is a bruising punching game that sees you handle a range of crisply computer animated foes of improving durability. Combine shutting out and progressing with six different blows (3 on each side) to thump down your rival. If you’re a fan of Android pugilism, read on for additional!

International Boxing Champions is a punching ready Android. Handle progressively competitive oppositions in individualized battles. You control your boxer by combining six different blows; right, hook and body strikes. There are forward and backward movements and you can easily shut out with a devoted button. I think for the game to be a little better it would be good to be able to dodge strikes, but the shutting out is extremely efficient nevertheless.

The game comes with a Health club mode- which essentially shows you the basics of strikes, combinations and free of charge training. After that there is also a Grudge Suit mode where you could fight enemies you have actually currently trumped in one-off contests. There is after that a Championship Method where you fight one fighter after one more, unlocking each for the Animosity Match method and earning money as you progress.

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