Android App Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering Review


Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering takes the one-on-one arena combat inflenced by Infinity Blade and deftly adds its own touch to it. The goal for the player, who chooses their class at the start of the game, is to romp their way through the land, making their way to defeat Sovering, a big bad demon doing big bad demon things. Along the way, a creepy little girl comes along who may be possessed and spouts off the kind of dialog that a creepy possessed girl usually would.

The combat is turn-based with timing elements, as players deal out a blow in one of three zones, with an oscillating block zone to avoid. Experience and loot is earned after fights, with level ups allowing for stat upgrades, and coins able to be spent on new weapons and armor. Along the way, players will free up lands, which have coins to collect, and new enemies to fight in order to protect the residents of that area. Scarabs that are collected as loot can be used to find hidden treasure. Completing achievements unlocks new areas. There’s even a puzzle mini-game for collecting additional loot that is unlocked at one point.

Some games do the whole Infinity Blade style of one-on-one combat in a way that is very similar to that, but Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering goes a long way to feel like its own game. The three zones of combat, with enemies able to block attacks, adds a layer of strategy. Then there’s the addition of magic, the combo abilities that can be powered up, the multiple fury attacks that use up different amounts of the ability, and the interactive tapping elements that pop up in battle. It feels multi-faceted, like there’s legitimate strategies that can be executed instead of just trying to read diversionary tactics from the enemy. It’s absolutely fantastic.

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