Android App Metal Slug 3 Review


Metal Slug 3 is a retro games port that has found its method to Android- most likely after the excellence of the initial Metal Slug game on the system. Metal Slug 3 is scrolling 2D shooting game that sees your personalities combat a wide range of assertive adversaries as you rescue captives and ruin every little thing in your course. Expect earth-shatteringly mad gameplay, more tools than before and a diverse range of strange opponents. If you like your games eruptive, frantic and a little crazy, absolutely inspect this out.

Don’t forget Metal Slug 3? Well it’s now on Android. Here’s a true game classic that sees you blasting your means with all manner of baddies, from standard soldiers to bees, zombies and helicopters. The activity is non-stop and incredibly full-on from the word go. Opponents truly go with you and you need to use the toolbox of tools the game thankfully throws at you. As you proceed you rescue various captives and collect various other items to help your warpath.

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