Android App Miturn Review


Miturn! is a tough puzzle game that is wonderfully developed yet has fairly a steep learning curve. Think of chess if it were developed by a far-off alien culture and you may come close to what Miturn is. The bottom line is that you have two moves to get your piece residence on a play board grid. There are always much more moves compared to two, so you need to utilize additional pieces. These could utilize bombs, wall surfaces, changes and hop pads. These aid you circumnavigate various obstacles; gaps, catches and even more. If you like reasoning and method games, this could be something worth trying.

Miturn! is a game played by an enchanting alien culture. Much like chess, gameplay needs the player to believe several continue and purposefully navigate an official game board. You start with two actions but, as the ‘Home’ square is some proximity away, you should make use of other pieces to both push you better and to reset your two moves.

First you need to make use of the items readily available to you to construct a course to Residence. Positioned items have to both relocate you towards Home and assist you prevent barriers. Additionally, as you just have two decisions, the items reset your action number to keep proceeding. Initial gameplay then is fixing the puzzle by setting the right road. As soon as total, you need to cross your fingers and start relocating your item. If you obtain House, you move on to the upcoming degree.

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