Android App Myth Defense 2: DF Review


Myth Defense 2 falls into the same category as the majority of other tower defense games. It’s fun to play, has relatively nice graphics, but doesn’t have any really innovations. I can’t even criticize these games properly, since they are still genuinely fun to play, even if they have completely similar gameplay.

I should note that Myth Defense 2 is in no way free-to-play, and requires $2.49 to unlock the full game, which is, in all fairness, all fair. The game is really well done, and although the graphics are just scaled 2D sprites that could certainly get a little pumping up, and aside from rune system, the game is familiar to all fans of Tower Defenses, it’s certainly fun and long-lasting. There are no in-app purchases, and even if you choose not to spend two and a half dollars on a full game, its “demo” version is still heaps of fun, without any ads or hassles.

Overall, it’s a fun strategy, but its rules and mechanics don’t differ from any other tower defense title. It’s not really different from even it’s own predecessor. But if you don’t expect anything revolutionary, then you’re up for some very fun time.

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