Android App No Brakes Valet Review


No Brakes Valet is a fun indie entry from Captain Games. It has humble roots, which make it that much more fun to try out.

With regards to playing the game, it is quite simple; use the controls to park the cars. You get turn buttons (one to the left and the other to the right), and the occasional brake button that shows up. All are pretty much self-explanatory. The turn buttons will turn a perpetually-forward moving leftward or rightward until it is released, at which point an non-braked vehicle continues on. The brake button does not show up in every level, but when it does, it acts relatively life-like in that it isn’t an instant brake; it slows down the momentum before effecting a complete stop.

The physics kind of shapes how the game is to be played. One must account for the stopping time, or positioning won’t be precise. The cars come out from the lower parts of the screen, at fairly fast clip; the idea is to put the cars in neat order in the marked spots, which generates tips, but there also cash-reducing dangers to avoid. Eventually, a multitude of objects appear: pedestrians, livestock, bombs and more. Now and then, a car that does not have the expected brakes would appear, and it is necessary to guide the free rolling vehicle to a spot or an exit alley. By the way, it is possible to finish with negative cash.

The game comes in a few different flavors with some subtle tweaks, and most noticeably has a two player variant that allows for head to head battle on a local machine.

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