Android App Perfectly Clear for Android Review


People generally carry around phones and not a point-and-shoot camera these days because of the improved quality of cameras on phones. Taking a quick picture is also a lot easier from a phone because it’s usually in hand. The problem with the camera on most phones is it’s not quite as good as what a camera of the same megapixel rating would be. Part of the problem is clarity, and even though there are some settings to adjust clarity, contrast or color clarity still lacks.

Perfectly Clear Aims to cure this problem. The way Perfectly Clear works is to autocorrect common problems when taking images on a mobile device. There are quite a few options to fix the image. Options, such as exposure, depth, vibrancy, sharpen and skintone are all available for free. Other options are available as in-app-purchase.

After Perfectly Clear makes a correction to the image, there is a line right down the middle, showing a before and after. This way if the image is not corrected in a satisfactory manner, it’s obvious right away easy to compare. Several premade presets such as fix dark and fix tints. If desired, several user created presets can be saved also.

Perfectly Clear can make adjustments to pictures taken from the camera, downloaded images or images saved from messages. This means previously captured pictures can be adjusted to make them look as good as possible. Images from the previous vacation or taken while indoors without a flash can be brightened automatically. When a certain combination of settings is found to work well, save it as a preset for later use.

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