Android App Powerful Peeing Kid Review


Powerful Peeing Kid is a toilet-based game that challenges your focus and timing. You basically aid a kid to pee and stay clear of being caught in the falling toilet seat. There’s a few separate motifs- including a Xmas style- and it collects your top 3 scores in a very high scoring display. I could think of a million points additional cheery, however if you like easy gameplay and toilet wit, this might be your favorite.

Powerful Peeing Kid is an odd game where you manage the bladder of a child. He approaches the commode, the cover lifts and you press and hold the display to make him pee. After a brief time the commode seat will suddenly go down. It is essential to quit pushing the screen to quit your man from peeing and avoid capturing his scrap under the lid, which sort of makes him upset and it’s game over. Gameplay-wise folks … that has to do with it.

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