Android App Pushover Review


Notifications of Android phones have not always been the greatest. Sure it’s easy to receive notifications from applications installed on the phone such as text messaging, e-mail, instant messengers and so on. The problem has what if the service in question does not have an Android app As well, some Twitter apps are more usable than the official Twitter app, but have far inferior notifications. Enter Pushover to solve the problem of lackluster notification support.

Pushover is a notification application for Android devices that will when certain send a notification when certain tasks are complete. One of the most popular services that works with Pushover is If This Than That ( For those who’ve never heard of, is a service that pairs two web applications to create an action which they call a recipe. For example, Twitter and Evernote can be paired so that whenever a tweet is save as a favorite, the tweet will be sent to a note in Evernote. Pushover can send a notification when one of these tasks happen.

Other services such as Github, Adium, Sick Beard and Zapier can all receive notifications through Pushover. Say for example, Adium is used of the office for all instant messaging. Using the Pushover notification application for Android can send an alert to a phone message is received while the computer screen is locked or the instant message status is set to away.

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