Android App Puzzle Trooper Preview


While Puzzle Trooper may look like an average match three game, it is anything but. Featuring a huge array of zany soldiers, exciting gameplay and a deep tactical side, Puzzle Trooper is a breath of fresh air for the match 3 genre.

Unlike most puzzle games, Puzzle Trooper requires the player to build a squad of soldiers. After selecting a leader for the squad, new soldiers are handed out at a steady pace for winning games, buying them or as a result of special events. Each soldier has a colour that affects what they are good for and a type, such as armored vehicles, medics or a technician rather than a soldier.

Once a squad is made, the player embarks on a long, long series of campaigns. Besides the standard campaign where the player works their way along a increasingly difficult series of battles, special events are constantly available for an extra challenge and to unlock new soldiers or gain money. Every day there is a daily event and weekly events offer great rewards to anyone who finishes them.

Combat in Puzzle Trooper consist of matching colored balls. When balls are matched, that colour of soldier attacks. Combos, as in matching several groups of balls at once boosts attack power and matching multiple colours with one action causes more soldiers to fire at once. Unlike most match 3 type games you can drag a ball as far as you like, rather than just switching places with another ball. This enables huge, board wide combos. Enemies attack your squad at regular intervals. The idea is to string attacks together with combos to defeat the enemies before your squad is destroyed. Special abilities play a big part in combat as well and range from defensive boosts to powerful single attacks

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