Android App Screen Speaker Music Wallpaper Review


Screen Speaker Music Wallpaper is a glossy live wallpaper that puts an interactive speaker on your homescreen. The presenter photo pulses to any music you are dipping into the time which is a terrific aesthetic result which goes beyond making your phone look great. The app is very customizable as well, implying there are a variety of speaker faces and effects to select from and individualize.

Screen Speaker Music Wallpaper is a live wallpaper for music lovers. It puts a huge speaker on your homescreen which is extremely customizable and detailed. Whenever you play music, the speaker pulsates and sends out neat sound waves. An extra equalizer programs below the display for music computer animation. There are a wide number of pre-sets to select from however you can thoroughly adjust practically anything regarding the app to your own inclinations.

The very first point that struck me concerning Screen Speaker Music Wallpaper is the amount of you can personalize it. There’s an incredible quantity of customizations to be made with bunches of alternatives and inclinations to discover. There are 13 various styles to experiment with initially, but you can further tailor these with additional tweaks. There are additionally 15 histories to pick from that include natural leather, metal and carbon varieties. There are 9 different presenter experiences to select and 11 setups to attempt. You could also choose in between one or two presenter encounters. If that wasn’t sufficient you can also adjust the feel and look of the sound waves and equalizer, each in even more detail than could be specified today.

It’s a stunning looking wallpaper however I discovered that it does not your job will certainly all music gamers. For instance, it your jobs fantastically with both Google Play Music and N7 player, however, music played with Winamp and Poweramp have no impact. Therefore, it would be advisable to very first attempt the cost-free variation of the app, Screen Presenter Free, which you could find right here.

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