Android App Sensei Wars Review


Sensei Wars looks to shake up the stale city builder genre with a few innovations. Does it differentiate itself from the recent glut of wannabe Clash of Clans games?

Sensei Wars differs a great deal from other city builders in that you are given a leader or Sensei to lead your town. This warrior is the only one that can be directly controlled in combat and his skills and strength make him a vital part of gameplay.

A sensei can pick from three schools of skills that make him better at attack, defence or healing. This also affects what skills he can learn. For example, an army might have either a tough hero that rushes into combat with the men, or one that isn’t as strong, but heals everyone around him, giving the whole army more staying power. This is a fantastic idea and really opens up the game’s tactical options.

Sensei Wars looks excellent, with some stand out animations. Combat looks frenzied and even the most basic units ooze personality. Your sensei also looks great in combat as he walks around smacking enemies and there are tons of little details like how you see children skipping around the town and farmers labouring away in their fields that make you feel more like you’re building a bustling town of warriors. Sensei Wars has some of the best graphics I’ve seen in a freemium game of its type.

Unfortunately the stink of freemium is strong in Sensei Wars and tries its hardest to ruin what would otherwise be a great game. Timers are everywhere and some of them are incredibly long. The game is so rich and deep that spoon feeding it to the player at such a glacial pace is very frustrating and will turn many off the game.

Sensei Wars is very similar to games like Clash of Clans and Total Conquest, but avoids being a soulless clone by the merits of its unique sensei system and amazing amount of personality. It’s worth checking out if you like your city building with a strong dose of RTS and role playing.

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