Android App SMS Tracker Review


SMS Tracker is a communication and security app that tracks and logs TEXT messages (message), MMS messages (picture messages), calls, places and visited internet sites. If you are a parent that desires to monitor the movements and interactions of your child or young adult, SMS Trackers enables you to do so through a secure web browser interface. From Google Play Shop remarks, it seems to be used a lot by suspicious partners as well!

SMS Tracker is an app you install on your kid or teens mobile device. The app is hidden so no symbol is presented, however the app very closely monitors a number of elements, including; SMS communications, MMS communications, web gain access to, area and telephone calls. All this information is aggregated and displayed in an easy-to-use and safe and secure internet interface. This means you can track (almost) all incoming and outward bound interactions on a certain device.

The information is presented in a helpful internet interface which you log into remotely. Primarily there are headings for TEXT Log and Breadcrumbs. SMS Log shows all texts, MMS messages, call logs and saw internet sites. Breadcrumbs screens places info gathered from GPS tracking. The website also shows a large map where you can outline the place of the device.

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