Android App The Tiny Bang Story Full Preview


My normal tastes do not include The Tiny Bang Story. I like games to have action, usually. Or some kind of hyphenated action. Action-adventure, Action-RPG, Action-Cooking-Sim, definitely! Thus, my interest in the hidden object genre has been slight, a curiosity I did not understand as to why it was so popular, like most of the music the kids listen to these days. Well, I’ve dived headlong into the genre with the hyped The Tiny Bang Story, and let me just say, I think I get it now.

The object collection usually involves scouring the environment for objects that may not look out of place on first glance, but on further inspection, don’t actually quite fit! Each ‘level’ has sections that will be revisited, and suddenly little things that looked odd before suddenly actually are usable objects. And more often, things that seemed normal like part of the environment actually are not!

Now, let me just say: The Tiny Bang Story is absolutely beautiful. The artwork looks amazing on high-resolution screens, all hand-drawn. It’s like interacting with a giant watercolor painting that comes to life, except less freaky because if a giant watercolor painting came to life I’d be scared. I mean, it’s just incredible-looking. The soundtrack does get a bit repetitive after a while, though.

Really, for those who love games where they can discover things, and do it in a world that’s compeletely gorgeous and engrossing, while still being player-friendly, The Tiny Bang Story is a fantastic choice. There’s a lot to discover here.

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