Android App Thor: The Dark World Review


Thor: The Dark World is loosely based on the movie of the same name. Does it break the curse of poor movie games?

Thor: The Dark World’s interesting gameplay spark is its reliance on summoned allies. During missions Thor can summon lesser fighters, such as swordsmen, archers and so on. These warriors will aid in combat. Indeed, using allies is rather vital to stay alive as they act as meatshields and take some of the heat off of Thor in battle. Unfortunately, allies have nearly non-existent AI. Once summoned they march forward constantly and die very quickly. They ignore enemy numbers or other dangers and cannot be ordered to go after a specific target or even told to wait. This makes them remarkably short lived.

Besides the allies, Thor is a pretty basic beat em up. Thor runs along, bashing up any evil fiends with Mjolnir and can use the occasional godly power to wipe out groups at once. There really is little else to it. Allies don’t add enough to the game because of their hopeless AI and there’s not much else to do but tap on enemies and watch the repetitive animations.

The game features no less than three types of currency.. First there’s Runes, the in game currency, then there’s ISO-008 used to power up Thor and his abilities. Then there’s Uru, which is used to charge money for a lot of things. Health potions, the most basic item in any game cost Uru here. To unlock anyone cool from the movie, like Loki, will cost a serious amount of real world cash to buy the required Uru. Even basic tasks, like reviving Thor if he dies on a mission costs a fair chunk of Uru.

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