Android App Toy Defense Review


Toy Defense is a fun yet magnificently brutal tower defense game. Rather than the characters and towers seeming real, everything is instead had fun with plaything soldiers, toy storage tanks and more. While the figures are aged fashioned, typical playthings, the action remains very intense, producing a highly addicting and beautifully produced freemium game.

Toy Defense is an amazing tower protection game that uses all those plaything soldiers and tanks that you most likely deserted years ago. The game includes wind-up cars, plaything planes and gameplay location that resembles it has merely been gotten of a box and unravelled. It needs to be noted that the computer animation and graphics in the game are definitely stunning and the entire game design is superb.

While all this sounds mesmerically cutesy, maybe even a little Plaything Tale, this warm nostalgia evaporates when the action starts and, let me tell you now, it’s severe. You pick in between four towers; infantry, artillery, tank and fire thrower. I really felt the game was a little limited because you just have these 4 towers however these are considerably upgradeable and you additionally obtain lots of additional benefit powers to use.

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